The Problem With Writing For Search Engines

I am hoping” no people” read this blog post BUT if the search engine robots love it… then that would be awesome.

A lot of bloggers are writing to impress search engines these days.

Writing for robots is boring, it involves repeatedly using certain keywords or phrases that are popular search terms on Google etc. People write this way because they are hungry for search traffic.

I don’t think you should ever write for a search engine, although you should optimize your blog posts with the relevant terms that would bring interested people to your blog post via this pathway.

BUT don’t change your writing style, don’t awkwardly phrase your sentences JUST to include a semi-relevant search term.

Write for people, write for your friends and let the robots worry about themselves.


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2 thoughts on “The Problem With Writing For Search Engines

  1. I could not help myself, because I am a search engine specialist. What you say was true a year ago, but not nowadays. In fact someone just writing for search engines can do more harm than good to their website. The best way, in my experience (like most things in life) is a balance. Write to and for your intended audience, however before publishing; make some small tweaks to help the search engines find and categorize what you have written. The effort should be 95% audience focussed, and 5% search engine. However, do not underestimate the power of the 5%, this can go along way in making what you have written found.

    1. Hi Gary, I totally agree with you… This was actually my point too. Although your comment about overly optimizing a post or a web page being detrimental is extremely valid… Thnx for sharing

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