Why Your Art Will Lead You Towards Poverty – Part One

The genuine artist is royally screwed; we live in a world where your “art” will not always be valued in the way that it should be.


Because what you do is not “tangible,” it’s not measurable. it’s not an easily packaged commodity that a man a suit can ship off 3 times a week.

I would argue that “art” is more spiritual than it is physical.

Although spirit is the most solid, tangible, ever-lasting thing on planet earth; in our small minded, dollar focussed, narrow ways we have not yet found a way to measure its value.

How valuable is a memory?

Is it not all we ever have?

2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Art And Poverty – Part 1

P:S: To be continued tomorrow

7 thoughts on “Why Your Art Will Lead You Towards Poverty – Part One

  1. While I do agree that spirit is the most ever-lasting thing (though not technically a thing) on planet Earth, I think it is the least solid and tangible. Interesting ideas here!

  2. I think that while I don’t think that there’s NO money in the arts, it’s not this super-lucrative path to riches that some people think it is… and I think that could be a good thing… without piles of money laying around the arts, it weeds out people who are only doing it for the money. I don’t come home from 10 hour shifts at my day job and sit at the art desk because I’m making a ton of money with it(I’m not), I do it because I love to do it, and I think that the fact that I do it for little to no money is evidence of that

  3. grateful for this post…the why the what and the how… grateful to get 3x the 7 sentences on one topic.
    why must the most tangible (Spirit) be subjected to measurements of the world. meaning… in my journey, to the degree i’ve placed utmost value on the what it is i offer, that worth alone makes me never feel impoverished. no matter if ive lived out of my vehicle (which i did for a time) or had a place to rent. when ive had means its often just come. and not as payment for my art/services.
    the more i define and defend my worth, and that of all mankind, as our pure individuality, and the more i expect and defend supply, it uplevels if you will my sense of where/how/why/and as my supply will come from. i no longer look for it but rather expect it. i’ve taken clients who can not pay and then been paid by folks who never hired my services for reasons that weren’t ever really quite defined. and i’ve been paid in ways that aren’t always money but in resources ive needed. as i’ve understood supply/demand is one, Spirit is all, there’s flow.

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