How To Boost Your Imagination In Only Seven Sentences

The following is a very simple exercise that will show you how to boost your imagination.

Many people grow up thinking that they are not creative and that they have a weak imagination; this is not true, your imagination is more like a wild horse that has never been ridden.

The following is a simple exercise that will help you to harness your imagination, it takes only 5 minutes, do it once a day for seven days and I promise you that you will turbo boost your imagination.

Step away from the computer, grab a pen and paper and go some place quiet.

Now, write and speak out loud whatever images, words, colors, or thoughts that come into your mind.

What do you write?

Anything, everything, nothing, in any order that it comes out, don’t try and make sense of it, just let it tumble out…


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P:S: Destroy your piece of paper and start again tomorrow. I promise you that this works



3 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Imagination In Only Seven Sentences

  1. as a cartoonist, I do a variation on this all the time… I doodle, scribble, sketch and draw randomness. I do it in sketchbooks, scratch paper, my art desktop(I start the morning with that one), a computer drawing program, or whatever is laying around close to me. It’s about brainstorming, improvisation, free association, and just generating ideas. Sometimes, I just draw random shapes and then make them into something. This is all great creative advice and I can’t recommend it enough.

    I draw, as opposed to writing, but it’s all the same result. Great advice Geoff!

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