7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Creativity

  1. Allow yourself to make big mistakes.
  2. Get away from your computer.
  3. Talk to strangers, engage with a different demographic of people.
  4. Make up songs in the shower and sing them loudly in the car.
  5. Don’t be afraid of appearing crazy.
  6. Stop trying to be someone else’s idea of perfect.
  7. Know who you are and refuse to despise your own beginnings.
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27 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Creativity

  1. #2 is arguably the most important. The computer can only show you things that have already been created – not what you are about to create (although it can inspire).

  2. My favorite way to stay creative involves me naming random things I own. I recently named the cold air fan that I sleep with. I also named a paper cocktail umbrella.

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