Why The Best Movie Characters Are Real People

This maybe controversial BUT in my opinion people of a religious persuasion often struggle when they endeavor to break into the arts.

I know actors that refuse to swear and writers that insist on having a Jesus or a priest in every scene.

Quite simply, it’s ridiculously stupid.

If your faith is real, then it exists in the slums, in the mansions, in the brothels and the bars, there is no place on earth where it cannot be found.

Real faith is gritty, it isn’t sanitized or purified in anyway. It’s the dirty, filthy, messy truth that involves people just like you and me.

Don’t hide the truth, don’t cover the dirt, be humble and don’t judge anyone… especially your own characters.

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15 thoughts on “Why The Best Movie Characters Are Real People

  1. I agree 110 percent! I used to worry so much and felt so constrained by religious ideas as I wrote. Now I’ve worked through all of that ridiculousness and I’m free to write what is beautiful, and imperfect, and messy, and my writing (and life) has never been better. Real always trumps pretend.

  2. The evolution of me has led to this belief….religion is constricting, faith is freeing.  Love how you make us think, Geoff.

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