Who will stand with the brave…

The brave stand in the center of a field, surrounded by enemies and called out by mockers.

The faithful few stand alone, against all odds they remain standing wide-eyed and weaponless, full of faith but cloaked with doubt.

But still they stand.

If you want to do anything great, if you want to fight for anything that truly matters you have understand this fact… many will call you stupid, many will turn against you, and the majority will call for your surrender.

Do not surrender, do not give in, for the victory belongs only to those who remain standing.

The victory belongs only to the brave.

Take a wide stance, feel the ground underneath your feet, feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and drink deeply from the rivers of hope in your heart… remain standing and soon you will be victorious.

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16 thoughts on “Who will stand with the brave…

  1. “…against all odds they remain standing wide-eyed and weaponless, full of faith but cloaked with doubt.” This gives me such an amazing mental picture. Full of faith but cloaked in doubt is really our spiritual battle; that between the head and the heart. So well written, Geoff. Thank you.

      1. Love the approach here. Will probably follow the seven sentence or seven word idea as much as possible when responding. Causes me to think. Even more, causes me to think creatively. I like that!

        Keep doing what you’re doing, Geoff. Excellent job.

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