Why you should help homeless people – rinse & then repeat

Helping homeless people shouldn’t just be a fad or a “cause” for celebrities, businesses or politicians; they are people caught in the down-swirl of life… I could be them and they could so easily be me.

Long time readers of this blog will be aware that I regularly write about the intimate connection between poverty and creativity. There are a number of side benefits for a creative soul who is brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and engage (builds relationships) with people on the other side of the street.

Please note… these are always side benefits, but they should never be “the actual reason” for “getting the grime and shit under your manicured fingernails.”

It is true that this entry point into another world will give you creative insight, expand your worldview and unlock your creativity, but you cannot “cross the road” for any of these benefits.

It is not our job to help or make a cause out of any person, from a posture of taking and receiving; although when we give with an open heart we will most definitely receive more than we could ever imagine.

… we give because we love and we love because we receive …


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4 thoughts on “Why you should help homeless people – rinse & then repeat

  1. When giving from a pure desire to see another being comforted, we actually step out of ourselves, try to identify his needs and sorrows, meet with him, in order to be of help. This, essentially, makes us put aside that self-centered ego and replace it with someone or something else. Then, understanding might occur.

  2. I think when we respond to the urge to reach out from a place of no judgement we are in fact offering a healing that extends further than our human mind has a frame of reference for….

  3. You’re right, poverty isn’t a cause, a social condition or a product of any specific culture or society. Poverty is a severe shortage of cash. If you’re blessed enough to have a little spare cash, which would include causing you to sacrifice for the benefit of someone else, put it to good use. This isn’t a time for pontification or fancy words, it’s time to get off your ass and make a difference in someone’s life.

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