Do The Right Thing

Do the Right Thing.

A statement that seems so simple, yet profound enough to baffle the wise.

Do the Right Thing.

A child could understand and follow this motto on the playground, but something goes wrong with age.

Do the Right Thing.

Adults ignore the voice within telling them, “this is wrong”, until the Right Thing fades away.

What if we all did the Right Thing?

Today’s Seven Sentence Guest Blog was bought to you by Brent Pittman a  financial coach, writer, husband, father, and self- proclaimed  lover of donuts.  Read Brent’s blog here and follow him on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Do The Right Thing

  1. I love your posts. Your words are a pleasure to read. This post causes me to stop and ask, “How do you know what the right thing is?” And is the right thing for one person the same as the right thing for another? And what if they conflict?  

    Just asking:)

  2. i was faced with the decision to do the right thing just yesterday. it was a situation where i had to confess a mistake, and strangely i felt like i was a kid all over again. i did the right thing. and felt the same relief i did as a kid, when i did the right. that it was all going to be ok.

    thanks for your posts. i often read but rarely comment. 

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