7 Great Writing Tips for Bloggers


Seven Writing Prompts For Bloggers


1. Limit the amount you will write to a set number of words, sentences or paragraphs; this way you have a known finish line.

2. Imagine three different visual images or metaphors that illustrate what you are planning to write about.

3. Think of a friend, a person you know or would like to know and imagine them reading your blog; now write it for them.

4. Think of someone who really would not like or who would disagree with the topic of your blog; do you want to include their views or confront them.

5. Don’t censor or second guess yourself as you write the first draft, be creative and take risks.

6. What effect do you want to have on your reader; i.e. are you trying to incite, inspire, confront or question?

7. As you go back over your writing, imagine the simplest and most straightforward member of your audience reading your blog, does your language include them or alienate them?


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11 thoughts on “7 Great Writing Tips for Bloggers

  1. Geoff this is great info. What works for me is to simply write the first draft and as I edit, I shave off a lot of words. Setting a word limit in the beginning pressures me. So do whatever works for you but say it in as few words as possible.

  2. Nice recommendations. Thanks for sharing them.
    I’m afraid most of us are not aware that we can plan all the blogging tasks, and we truly need to find the better mix of ingredients to make it work.

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