Why you don’t need a Seth Godin platform

How can a creative person build an online presence that gives them significant weight in the industry?

Too often we take literal advice from guru’s like Seth Godin, Darren Rouse or Michael Hyatt and we accidentally attempt to do the one thing that they would NEVER advise..

We try to copy.

There is no creativity in copying, no original thought, no personal stamp and no authentic connection. Instead I suggest you try something…

Read everything, get all the advice you can and then let it all go.  Start with a blank page and look at all your many options; what is it that you really want to say?

2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Blank Page

2 thoughts on “Why you don’t need a Seth Godin platform

  1. Spot on! Geoff, I love this post because so many people’s blogs follow this formula:  Read Seth’s book, re-word it, post it on my blog. I love just about everything Seth and Michael Hyatt put out, but if I am going to read them I am going to read THEM. Fundamental to Seth’s platform is the idea of being a Purple Cow–different than the rest. Lately I have been introspective about this with my own blog. How can I be something other than “just another leadership blog”?

    Great post!

  2. Has Seth finally squeezed the last drop out of that purple cow? A growing number of people seem to think so. Read everything? Really? Sooner or later you have to put down the books and do the work… oops, another Godinism.

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