7 things NOT to worry about as you pursue your dreams!


Your Age – it’s just a number in your head; the world is full of people of all ages who have followed their dreams.

Other Peoples Opinions – the world is full of cynical people too afraid to follow their own dreams.

Success & Failure – it is the pursuit of the dream and not the final outcome that makes your life a success.

If You are Talented Enough – it is the brave who succeed, and not necessarily the talented.

Financial Wealth & Security – nothing will inhibit your adventures like your love of comfort.

Bad Days & Rough Seasons – your motivation will come and go, persist on even the toughest of days.

Your Sanity – the world will say that you’re crazy until you succeed.




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66 thoughts on “7 things NOT to worry about as you pursue your dreams!

  1. Somehow, Geoff, you always have something to say that resonates with me. I love all the truths here.

    Merry, merry Christmas to you, Athaliah, and little Gabriel. What a wonderful gift you have been given. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing and for being so, so encouraging as always Lynne. I hope you have a wonderful new year and many of your dreams come true.

      Gabriel is amazing and we are very happy but tired!

  2. After reading this, i said to myself, i have to share this — its good stuff Geoff ~ simple and real – i really liked it – i am all about simplification  ~ thank you ! Yes ! – CoachdjRN

  3. Geoff, you always seem to know exactly what I need to hear to change my perspective and get me back on the right track….Thank you!

  4. Sometimes optimism is a real life-saver and I appreciate the benefit of it. It’s just…it’s not going to pay the rent. Now I’m not saying ‘Give up your dreams! You need to pay the rent!’ I’m just saying don’t give up your day job in the process until you’re in a financial position to do so. And I know you’re not saying you should but ‘thing’ number 5 does allude to it. You’ve got to be realistic, that’s all. Following your dreams is not going to be any easier if you’re homeless.

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for your sage comment here. I agree… dreaming from a secure base is a good idea… Dreaming of a future where your dreams are financially viable is also a good idea. Thanks for sharing!

    2. A big part of optimism is staying focused on your dreams and pursuing the work that you love and that also pays the rent. #5 is alluding to bravery, its making tough decisions that take you out of your comfort zone and onto a path that you may not have the map for. We should all be realistic, however, we may have a different definition for that word. I don’t equate following your dreams with homelessness, thats only “realistic” if you think in those terms. Everyone of us has immense potential and you must strive for optimism and positivity everyday, if you can do that, your dreams will soon follow!

  5. Sometimes you just need to jump in with both feet and take the big risks. I walked away from a six figure salary to do what I love, don’t regret it one day. Not making that now, but I’m doing what I love and am happier than I’ve ever been. You have to take chances and sometimes forced to work hard. If you are always secure, you may not work as hard. Most entrepreneurs today are exactly that, and successful, because they were forced to. Loss of job, divorce, etc.

  6. Yes, you definitely have some sceptics around you in biz, but use it as motivation to succeed. Think big, but take small steps. I love what I do, and it doesn’t feel like work. Even when stepping out of my comfort zone, I know that I am benefiting.

  7. If pursuit of dreams is a mark of a successful life, then gaze now upon a very successful person. Broke but successful. I also have a son named Gabriel. Thanks for the list, but I seldom worry about those things anyway. You have an interesting mind.

  8. You are so right. I started college at 51-years-old. I’m now 61 and a private practice psychotherapist. Next stop…published book and speaking engagements! And it’s fun just pursuing these dreams, whether I live long enough to see them all fulfilled is besides the point.

  9. I really needed to read this. I’m a singer,songwriter. I’m always thinking I’m not good enough. Also I listen to what everybody says about what type of artist I should be. I’m going to start following my intuition! Thankyou!

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