Words of Encouragement

I used to think it was lame and insecure to require words of encouragement.

But anyone who has pursued a big dream for long enough understands that “courage” is not a permanent thing. In the face of great opposition even the strongest men or women can grow weary and faint.

Courage seeps out of every human orifice; we leak and that is why we are in constant state of being refilled.

No one can do anything on their own, we all need the help and support of others. Find encouragement where-ever you can.

If you are looking for courage, be encouraging and the wind will most likely blow some back.


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6 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement

  1. Enhanced courage is often found in the encouragement of others. I may have the courage to keep going on my own, but encouragement from someone else will inspire me to do so with a bit more energy and a bit more confidence. That little extra could be the difference between crossing the finish line on my feet or on my knees.

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