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Forget Regret – It’s a filthy thing

Have you ever bought a pair of brand new shoes and cussed when you scuffed them for the very first time?

No matter how many times you try relive or create a moment in your life, the outcome is always the same, you’ve always got that dirty scuff on your shoe.

The real problem with regret is that we miss out on the beauty of our scars; that the scuff on our shoe is a story and not a blemish.

Maybe the actual problem lies in our knowledge of what eventually happens to that “dirty old shoe.” We believe that it will get thrown out and upgraded for a better looking model; and that it will never be worn again.

On the other hand(or foot), perhaps a vintage shoe (a favorite shoe) will walk many miles, traversing wide mountain ranges, wading through deep rivers, and wandering through parched deserts before it ever thinks about giving up on it’s adventure.

Such a shoe is scuffed to the bone, worn out, faded and tired… but it is never thrown out; it remains on the mantelpiece where it is treasured and remembered forever.

2011 – Seven Sentences – Forget Regret



These Creative Words will Unlock your Soul

Creative words can ressurect a life lying on the edge of death, but they can also numb, paralyze and destroy a soul who is locked up in a dark cupboard of fear (the creative war). How is this possible?

“Creative words” always get rid of rules, they abolish the status quo, and they get rid of the predetermined notion that you will never do that thing you have always dreamed of doing?

What is that brilliant beautiful thing, that you have always felt drawn towards? What if it was “actually” possible?

Life tells you to stop dreaming, to become pragmatic and to give up believing; to get a real job or that you’re to old to dreams.

You are not on the verge of death, you stand on the frontier of life itself… imagine the impossible and weave your creative web.

2011 – Seven Sentences – Creative Words

Your Lying Eyes Are Killing Me Slowly

Lying Eyes are eyes that are blank and hollow.

The compulsive liar is not in the habit of making eye contact, and if they do, they shift, they avoid, they can’t stand still for they have no dignity or truth behind them.

Statistics tell us that “someone is lying” to us nearly everyday, either directly or through “lying by omission”. Vote in our lying poll below and remember to “be honest.”



Contrary to popular belief, the artist role in this life is to not lie, but to go into the dark dishonest places and shine their very bright light. It is a journey that carries a burden, and many an artist falls prey to the lying eyes of another and settles for a life that compounds and builds upon a “Utopian lie” rather than dispelling it. (Please comment below if you disagree)

Little white lies are dangerous things, for they trick us and deceive us into believing that we are better and that the world is safer than it really is.


2011 Seven Sentences – Lying Eyes

The Best Moments in Life

“The best moments in life” are usually unexpected slices of heaven, things that we just didn’t see coming! Trying to create these moments ourselves is like planning your own funeral. You’re never going to experience them.

The best weddings I’ve ever been too, have been the ones where the bride and groom are completely broke, totally in love and 100% spontaneous, they simply didn’t have enough money to make elaborate plans

It’s the actor or the artist, bold enough to trust their impulses and “create in the moment” that wins our hearts with their surprising authenticity.

There is no outline, no character profile, no music already written and prepared for us, only the space and the time right in front of you…

2011 – Seven Sentences – Best Moments in Life


3 Crucial Warning Signs That Show FEAR Is Killing Your Creativity

Nothing will kill the creativity inside you or within your organization like “fear.” It is a disgusting, insidious thing, that wars against our creative freedom.

Here are 3 symptoms that indicate that fear is running riot through your creative process and interfering with creative collaboration

1. Questions are not welcome, fear controls, it does not innovate.
2. People in positions of authority won’t look other creative souls in the eye.
3. There is an absence of laughter and you are nervous when you enter the creative space.

Nothing kills creative synergy like an ego driven, fear mongering leader; the creativity of one is never greater than the creative energy of many souls working together.


creative synergy
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2011 Seven Sentences – Creative Synergy

We’re Back!

After a three month hiatus, the seven sentence crew is now officially back in business. Life got ridiculously busy and I (Geoff Talbot) got called away from blogging as I built up the social media profile of “FilmFunds,” a start-up internet/film company.

And what a successful time it was…

With our unique strategies, we built up a twitter following from 14 Followers to 120,000 in just over 3 months, and grew their facebook page from 28 Fans to just under 124,000 over the same time period. Statistics that any social media team would be proud of!

What did we learn? In a nutshell, every social media channel (facebook page, blog, twitter account etc), needs to stand on it’s own as a fun, interactive, targeted place to be!

P:S: If you want more info on how we achieved such great results then contact us.