When You Are Running out of Ideas

Every blogger, writer, poet or visual artist knows what it’s like to run dry. When you feel like you have lost your creative flow and that there are no more good ideas inside your soul.

What do you do when you simply run out of ideas?

There are so many solutions and there are an infinite number of ideas, so don’t be afraid, droughts come and go. Instead look outside of yourself for inspiration, read, dream, talk to friends, ask them for random creative suggestions and just begin.

Ideas are free, they are simply a combination of words, situations, characters, objects or scenarios put together in whatever combination you choose.

When I run out of ideas it is because I am becoming far to structured and tight, I need to loosen up and let go of the notion of being right.

Running Out Of Ideas
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2 thoughts on “When You Are Running out of Ideas

  1. I went through a period of  a few years where I couldn’t even write a decent grocery list.  I was miserable.  I wanted to write and every attempt I made turned out to be the biggest piece of crap anyone could come up with.  Those writings made “it was a dark and stormy night” sound iconic and inspired.  

    I started a job working with special needs adults and met a young man that helped me to start breaking out of that non-creative funk.  He too was a writer, a writer of songs.  I showed him some of my work and he liked it.  He would bring me some of his songs and let me look at them to see if I “got them”.  He would help me through tough patches with my writings.  Although this man was so very helpful and encouraging, it was a music concert that brought it all rushing back.  I have been writing every since.  I have hit a few blocks here and there, but it is nothing like before.  That music just broke that stubborn barrier and help me get my creative self back. 

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