An Open Letter to “My Little Hater”

Written By Athaliah Renee – Co-Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


Dear Little Hater,

You’ve plagued me from my teenage years telling me that my voice, my creativity, my genius and self presentation were not good enough.

Your looming presence has talked me out of taking significant creative risks and entrepreneurial leaps all throughout my twenties.

I listened to you when I failed and rather then learning from failures, I allowed them to write my epitaph. You have been a thorn in my side far too long and I now serve you public notice; your time has come to and end,  you no longer own or rule me.

I play to an Audience of One that applauds my every effort, win and failure – I am no longer broken by your obstacles but am rather becoming an accomplished ropes course athlete. I am a force to be reckoned with,  a creative without end and a voice that can not be muffled.

Goodbye & Good luck madam, you are certainly going to need it.

xo,  Athaliah Renee


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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences – Little Hater

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to “My Little Hater”

  1. Thank you for this!  I think that we would all do well to write a similar open letter to our ever-critical voices that think they have indefinite squatters’ rights inside our creative minds and souls.  May you find your creative voice growing ever stronger.

    1. elbidduph, many thanks for the vote of confidence and encouragement!  I’m certainly on a journey not too unlike others — just simply elated to have a community where I can raise my voice and shake my fist at the TRUE antagonist!  Thanks so much for being apart of this community! 

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