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7 thoughts on “Seven Sentence Jokes

  1. Jeremy phones his friend David and David’s small child Simon picks up the phone and whispers ‘hello.’  
    Jeremy replies ‘hello Simon, is Daddy there?’, but Simon whispers back ‘he’s busy.’  
    Jeremy says ‘Oh, can I speak to Mummy then please Simon?’, but Simon whispers ‘no, she’s busy too’ and although Jeremy thinks that this is strange he asks Simon if there’s anybody else at home.
    ‘Yes,’ whispers Simon, ‘a policeman and a police lady.’  
    ‘Oh that’s good,’ says Jeremy and he asks to speak to either the policeman or police lady, but Simon whispers back ‘they’re busy too.’  
    Jeremy is a little confused by now and says ‘Simon, if you don’t mind me asking, there’s four people home but they’re all too busy to speak to me, what are they all doing?’  
    Simon whispers back …………………………………. ‘they’re looking for me.’

  2. I call myself a builder, but that’s not strictly true because I’ll do any job, no jobs too small.

    The landlord of the local pub called me recently and asked me to rip out and make good an old fireplace for him.

    At first the job was a doddle, but when I ripped out an old partition, to my surprise and disgust I revealed a skeleton.

    All hell broke loose as you can imagine and I wanted to call the police but the landlord was seriously reluctant as he had a big party booked in the lounge area the following day.

    This old guy drinking at the bar whose renowned for his morbid fascination with history suddenly jumped up and ran over to the skeleton excitedly declaring there was some kind of rusted old medallion around the skeletons neck.

    He was right, there was.  We inspected it closely and it revealed the words ……….

    Irish hide and seek champion, 1921.

  3. Late one night at a convent there is a knock at the door, the mother superior opens the door and is surprised to see two leprechauns. “Excuse me, sorry to be bothering you so late but do you happen to have any sisters under 3 foot at this convent,” asked the first leprechaun.“No, there are no nuns here under 3 foot,” replied the confused Mother Superior.“Well, are t’ere by chance any nuns under 4 foot living here,” the leprechaun questioned again.“No, I am afraid there are no nuns under 4 foot living here,” replied the nun.“See!” the first leprechaun says turning to the other hitting hard him in the shoulder, “I t’aught you had been messing around with the penguins at the zoo again!”

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