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What Women Can Learn from Men

What women can learn from men?

Many of our twitter followers  and facebook fans suggested a range of “stereotypes” from “how to pack the trunk,” to “how to pee while standing,” but I’m approaching this topic from an entirely metaphysical perspective.

As creatives, can’t we learn from anyone; in fact inside of all of us shouldn’t there be a healthy hunger to learn new perspectives from different people across religions, cultures, ages and genders?

So what can women learn from men creatively?

Answer: that although most of us will stand up to pee, not all of us enjoy or are good at packing the trunk!

Stereotyping is dangerous because it forces us into “playing roles” and this leads us to the false assumption that we actually know a person.

There is something wild and undefined about every individual man, whether it be found in the softness of his touch, the beauty of his music or the rough calloused skin on his hands… the learning is in the knowing.


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