Childlike Creativity

Childlike creativity comes to you courtesy of my new best friend Graham; Graham is two years old and doesn’t yet suffer from writers block or any kind of creative block. We can all learn a lot from Graham…

If you have writers block or any other form of creative block, you are probably tempted to spend a lot of money and take a class or buy a book; maybe you are even considering therapy. All good options (possibly),  but perhaps there is an easier way to break through your creative block(s).

Find a child, not a therapist, play with them, tell them stories, but most of all listen to their stories. There not entangled with complex narrative, market values, making money, making sense, being understood, trying to preach, trying to change you or the world with their big ideals.

They are just playing and creating in the rarest, simplest, purest of forms; everyone can play, take a risk and join the game.


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5 thoughts on “Childlike Creativity

  1. My son inspires me every day. He’s not talking yet, but his eyes share a whole new world. To catch him staring out the window is wonderful. The world outside is fresh, new.

  2. Geoff, I really like this one a lot! It’s interesting how Jesus said we need to become like little children to “get” the kingdom. I think not just being in it, but getting it in simplicity of faith. My grandkids (7 & 4) are still amaze me with their imagination & creativity. We do indeed complicate it… most of the time!

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