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Creative Blog

Do you write a creative blog?

If you are an actor, an artist, a painter, a musician or a filmmaker stuck in a period of waiting then I would really encourage you to start your own creative blog.

You may not be able to record or publish right now but you still have the freedom to develop your own creativity.

A creative space (a blog) is absolutely free, you can build your own audience(popularity) via face-book, twitter and other social networks; never before in history have you had this opportunity.

creative blog allows you to express yourself in an infinite number of ways, through words, stories, poems, pictures, photos, songs etc. You don’t have to wait for the casting director to call you back anymore (See these creative promises).

Don’t be a prisoner to an old system which is crumbling before your eyes; begin today with your own creative blog or Guest-blog here.

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Tell your story in a single sentence blog

What is your blog sentence?

Can you some up your own blog, your project, your film, your career, your dream, or your life in a single sentence blog? Sometimes we think that to know ourselves (or our product) is to be able to describe something in great detail, with many articulate words. I don’t believe this is so?

Knowledge that simply comes from the brain is confusing and complex; knowledge that comes from the heart is simple and conveys great knowing.

Before you write anything, try to get your story down to a single sentence. Let this sentence be like a hook or a magnet (not a summary) that authentically draws other “people” into your story.

Practice by writing your story below in a one sentence blog.


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Your Unique Voice

Are you still looking for your Unique Voice?

Sometimes we look outside ourselves to find a version or a copy of ourselves that is neither unique or our own voice. This morning I, (Geoff Talbot) have the privilege of being published on a very unique and popular website called The Future Buzz“, the article I wrote is all about finding your own UNIQUE VOICE and why copying is unsustainable.

As an artist you have to look inside yourself to find your own unique voice. You have to ask yourself the hard questions. Questions like, how do I really feel about his thing, issue, character or relationship? Look deep down below, not on that surface level plateau of other people’s expectations.

How are find you finding your own unique voice?

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You are a Genius

Today’s Seven Sentences is bought to you by Jeff Goins is a writer, social media enthusiast, and slight Star Wars geek. He works for a nonprofit organization and blogs avidly. You can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on Facebook.


You are a genius.

Did you know that the word “genius” means more than being Albert Einstein, more than personal intellect or individual achievement?

Did you know that genius, to the Greeks (who invented the word), meant something more?

A genius was a spirit that inhabited an artist — that possessed her to create something remarkable, something extraordinary, something the world had never seen.

I believe we can all be geniuses — if we avail ourselves to the Muse, if we will submit to the Spirit that wants to guide us into all truth and creativity.

I know that may sound mystical or New Agey, but it doesn’t have to be; it can be meant in a very practical way — you don’t have to do all the work.

Creativity is more than hard work and putting your nose to the grindstone; sometimes, creativity looks like giving up and letting the genius take over.

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Search for Transparency

Today’s Guest Post is written by  Erin Robinson; who has a really interesting Tumblr here. Erin is active on Facebook & Twitter.

Searching for Transparency

I imagine there’s a way to completely extract the best of who we are as humans and as artists, from all else that guides us.

When we speak of how things should be or write of how we hope they will become,  it’s the aspiration to fulfill that hope through prose, through verse, lyric, characterization, and hopefully eventually through life that drives us. And we seek such solidity not only to grow in ourselves but also to aid in growth. That what drives us towards life, might also allow another the same refuge.

The stories we tell in whatever form we choose to present them, can shape lives towards the inherently good clarity of what it means to be fully human. I don’t yet know the exact way to such transparency, but I imagine I’ll arrive there someday. I imagine all of us will.

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The Great Status Update – Creative Sentences

Anyone can write just one single, amazing creative sentence right?

Of course they can.

Sometimes the enormous scale of a project or a dream keeps us from truly believing and attempting the impossible.

We don’t think of ourselves as creative enough to write  a whole screenplay, novel or an award winning short story, YET we all know we can write a single creative sentence (It’s called a Tweet, a status update).

A book is really just a collection of creative sentences put together in the right order; what you can do once, you can do a million times over.

Only a fool would try and eat all of his dinner in a single bite.

The creative source inside of us won’t run dry, stay in the creative flow and just follow your dream one sentence at a time.

Creative Sentences
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7 Great Tips on How To Twitter

How do you twitter – Seven Tips:

  1. My number 1 rule is to never tweet “updates” unless they are remarkably interesting, no one is really interested in reading that “Bob is off to the pharmacy,” unless…

  3. And this is the number 2 rule, “Bob is wondering if it is kosher to flirt with the cute pharmacy girl while buying haemorrhoid cream?” So please try and tell micro-stories.

  5. Use questions and suggestions in your 140 Characters as they stimulate conversation

  7. How do you twitter… experiment a lot, it’s fascinating to discover what grabs someones attention, which micro-stories work and which ones don’t.

  9. Endeavor to reply after all Twitter is best when it is a conversation.

  11. Use applications like Tweetdeck or HoutSuite to manage your tweets.

  13. Don’t spend all your time in on-line communities, live a real life with real people otherwise you will run out of interesting things to tweet about.

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