Your Unique Voice

Are you still looking for your Unique Voice?

Sometimes we look outside ourselves to find a version or a copy of ourselves that is neither unique or our own voice. This morning I, (Geoff Talbot) have the privilege of being published on a very unique and popular website called The Future Buzz“, the article I wrote is all about finding your own UNIQUE VOICE and why copying is unsustainable.

As an artist you have to look inside yourself to find your own unique voice. You have to ask yourself the hard questions. Questions like, how do I really feel about his thing, issue, character or relationship? Look deep down below, not on that surface level plateau of other people’s expectations.

How are find you finding your own unique voice?

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3 thoughts on “Your Unique Voice

  1. As a pastor/teacher/missionary attempting to write a book readable for younger generations than myself, I’m having to learn a new, more unique voice myself. I personally don’t like copying of any kind,¬†across the board¬†of any field. But I also know I’m just as susceptible as anyone else to being influenced by the culture & opinions around me.

    So, I try to re-examine the “why” or my motive for doing something, holding a particular view of something and so on. I try to examine in discussion with others, whose judgment I trust & with the Lord, especially since He’s the ultimate in trustworthy judgment. Of course, I have to come to grips with my own willingness to change and see or understand things from the unique perspective of who God has called me to be & what He’s called me to do.

    I believe if I can get that clear perspective, then I can become or develop a unique voice.

    1. When we feel that indwelling spirit of love affirming everything that we are; decimating any false ides of having to be someone else to earn any amount of love. When we surround ourselves by close friends who love us the same way…

      only then finding our own unique voice becomes possible

      Thanks TK… I believe you have inspired me with an entry for tomorrow’s blog


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