7 Great Tips on How To Twitter

How do you twitter – Seven Tips:

  1. My number 1 rule is to never tweet “updates” unless they are remarkably interesting, no one is really interested in reading that “Bob is off to the pharmacy,” unless…

  3. And this is the number 2 rule, “Bob is wondering if it is kosher to flirt with the cute pharmacy girl while buying haemorrhoid cream?” So please try and tell micro-stories.

  5. Use questions and suggestions in your 140 Characters as they stimulate conversation

  7. How do you twitter… experiment a lot, it’s fascinating to discover what grabs someones attention, which micro-stories work and which ones don’t.

  9. Endeavor to reply after all Twitter is best when it is a conversation.

  11. Use applications like Tweetdeck or HoutSuite to manage your tweets.

  13. Don’t spend all your time in on-line communities, live a real life with real people otherwise you will run out of interesting things to tweet about.

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16 thoughts on “7 Great Tips on How To Twitter

  1. This was my tweet today….

    The bf brought me a flower on our walk as a sign of his love – “Do you know what that is?” I asked, “no” He replied, “It’s Hemlock….”


  2. Is it too nerdy to wear my Leopold Bloom shirt tonight to the Bloomsday festival?

    There…I think that’s something of a realistic micro story!  Great advice.

  3. Great perspectives Geoff. Thanks for sharing.
    I would add  2 thoughts:
    1) is a habit I try (often fail) to keep, and that is to #hashtag every tweet.
    2) if you want to be retweeted, don’t use all 140 characters in your initial tweet, allow for the RT @yourname at least!!

  4. My tweet today was

    ‘MTV wen from “my super sweet 16” to “16 and pregnant”

    Haha i got like 9 retweets(:

    Follow please? (: @askSumbody

  5. I tweeted this tonight:
    In a fit of impatience I told my sweet five year old son to: “Stop being such a boob!” Bad mom? Nah, it’s way too funny!

    I’m still fairly new to twitter but realized after I may attract the wrong followers by using “boob”…thoughts? I’m also new to your blog and I find your seven sentences very helpful, thank-you!

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