Your Mistakes Are A Scar on Your Soul

Sometimes I’m terrified of making mistakes, worried that a poor decision could leave a scar on my soul. How about you?

The fear of making a mistake is an absolute killer when it comes to your creativity. Which is crazy because just about every piece of genius ever created resulted from a mistake of one kind or other.

Unless we error we can’t learn.

Mistakes are like tattoo’s, or scars on our souls, things of beauty, things that mark out and describe our own personal journey.

Make MORE mistakes in life and in creativity; I’m not telling you to be stupid, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be afraid anymore.

creative mistakes
creative mistakes
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15 thoughts on “Your Mistakes Are A Scar on Your Soul

  1. We grow when we risk. Often it is our failure and fear that stands in the way of creative freedom. I carry scars on my soul proudly – as they remind me that I am battle worthy and prepared to fight for my dream. Good provocative thoughts Geoff…keep em coming! 

  2. My husband’s wise old Professor at Cambridge in the forties,John Wisdom , used to say “Out of error cometh truth”.

  3. Fantastic!  Fear is often so irrational.  I couldn’t tell you why I don’t take more risks with my art.  Thanks for pointing out the stupidity of avoiding mistakes…I needed it today. 

  4. Though we call them mistakes, more than often they serve a purpose yet to be discovered.  When we make “mistakes,” maybe we need to say to ourselves, “I’ll make a better mistake tomorrow.”  

  5. Couldn’t agree more, Geoff!  Good and inspiring thoughts.  I would add that perfectionism killed my creativity for way too many years, before I woke up and realized that first drafts are meant to be awful, and that if I don’t allow myself to fail initially, I’ll never succeed.  It was one of the best creative epiphanies I’ve ever had and it unlocked the prison I was keeping myself in.

  6. So true! If I waited for the perfect words to come, I’d never write anything. Instead I write all of it, even the stuff I know I’ll delete or edit later. By letting the mistakes breathe, I discover what I really want to say.

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