How To Improve Your Imagination

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Would you like to be more creative, would you like to know how to improve your imagination?

You are less limited than you imagine; your creativity is as broad as the universes in our sky, extending into a never-ending infinity. Just because it doesn’t always feel that way, doesn’t mean that it’s not so.

You were created infinity creative, a reflection of all that is around you.

Do you agree?

One simple way of increasing your creativity is to use the law of opposites . When you come up with an idea of what to write, of how to play a character, or of what to paint on that canvas… STOP…

…ask yourself what is the opposite of that idea; now create something about that.


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64 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Imagination

    1. I see the creative process as a two stage process. First start with horizontal (imaginative) thinking, creativity. Get all you ideas out, make them wild big, crazy whatever.

      Then go back with vertical thinking (logical thinking) and sift through your ideas etc… picking our what is genius and what is too much. For many of us, having another person doing the vertical is useful.

      1. Ah yes, having another person doing the vertical. LOVE that. Finding someone with a creative eye to help do the sifting I think is really helpful too. In my case, some of the problem is finding the outlet to be creative, mostly because it really needs to be a place that gets exposure, review, or feedback. Otherwise the creativity dries up like a plant that looks great when you first get it but it never gets watered so it eventually just dries up and dies. For me feedback inspires and creates and builds motivation. Love talking about this!

  1. For those of Christian background, we are created in the image of a creative God so we are thereby creative as our default. But even if you don’t hold to such a faith, we are all creative‚ÄĒhow we make our coffee

  2. I think that our imagination, like our will, is infinite. ¬†But we are taught from a young age (by the educational system) to filter our imagination. ¬†It takes practice to get back to a place where we allow ourselves to truly let our imaginations run wild…without the constraint of reality and reason. ¬†That is the place you have to be¬†disciplined¬†about getting to repeatedly if you want to increase your creativity.

  3. For those of Christian background, we are created in the image of a creative God so we are thereby creative as our default. But even if you don’t hold to such a faith, every one of us are creatives‚ÄĒall the way down to how we make our coffee or tea, how we prepare a sandwich, how we chose to clothe our bodies and the music that graces our ears. It’s almost insane to not think of oneself as being creative when every act of our own free will and choice means that we touch infinite creative possibilities in every moment of our lives.

  4. Interesting thought and idea for inducing some new creative thoughts. I find creativity everywhere. Ideas come easy, content and full descript and complete thought or explanation around those ideas comes a little more difficult. For me creativity often times comes from an emotion that I find difficult to describe without a lot of detail, context or explanation. Then I often lose interested readers or conversations because it takes too long to get into the depth “I” want to get into on a thought, subject, or idea…¬†

    I do agree creativity is endless. It’s figuring out how to start, when to end, or filling in the middle that I think stumbles many artists and often somewhat strangles some life out of creative people and creativity as a whole, combined with HUGE self critics whispering many self defeating thoughts and ideas. Just my 2 cents. : )

    1. really good comments Shannon… See my comment below about horizontal and vertical thinking. Do the horizontal more emotion of the process first… then turn on the “readers/viewer” eye and use the vertical more logical part of your mind to imagine it through someone else’s eyes

  5. The hardest thing for most adults is to suspend disbelief. If we can’t prove something, then it can’t be true. The trick is to ask yourself, “What if it were true? What would that look like?” Spend some time with children. They haven’t forgotten how to use their imagination. We, as adults, are just rusty.

  6. Brilliant Geoff! I don’t think I would have ever thought of that. I am¬†definitely going to use that one now!! As always, thank you so very much for sharing your great ideas and thoughts!¬†¬†

  7. Whenever I have a creative impulse, I try not to let anything stop the process. Admittedly it is not always easy. However, once ideas/visions start to flow like a river. Ideas I never could force myself to think of occur naturally.

    1. I love that… really fighting and protecting the impulse is important and vital for your process. What do you do when life interrupts it though… a friend calls who needs help etc?

      1. If that happens then I help the friend. Life always ‘gets in the way’ of the creative process. The most important thing to do is no become upset about interruptions. Seeing it as a chance to step away and refresh one-self is a good idea. If there was an aspect you were having trouble with stepping away can give you another perspective.

  8. Wow, great advice!¬† I cannot wait to use this technique as I’m writing.¬† And I agree, our world is full of creative beings…that’s an exciting thought.

  9. Imagination is unlimited…unless of course you imagine your not:) Same with creativity. Your “opposite” technique provides creators of every sort with a simple means to extend the canvas of their creativity. The natural enemies of creativity melt away when one is willing…to imagine, to explore and to play our “part” infused with enthusiasm.

      1. The process of asking “what if?” can expand the list of the possible or act as a means to say “no” to our creativity. It really depends on the mindset from which the question is posed. The key is willingness: willingness to allow reality to be altered by one’s own imagination. Ultimately, we need quests and questions which expand the circle of the possible. What if we had such questions? The infinite universe of endless possibilities awaits.

  10. Will give your idea a chance. ¬†Mostly, I have found that when I’m least resistant to the world around me, I’m able to stay connected to my inner guide and amazing things begin to flow thru me. ¬†

  11. Hi Geoff and fellow 7 sentences heart and souls!¬†¬† Very interesting post Geoff… and for me it opens up a huge whirlpool¬† of thoughts….Suddenly i am thinking….positive and negative, dark vs light, love and hate….even perhaps someones inner or outer reflection of anger in a debate? ¬† In essence, by delving deeper in to our own heart¬† or psyche¬† you are not just scratching the surface but digging further into truth, your own truth that appears hidden, buried under fears of confusion, illusion , false desire¬† or despair.¬† This creative opposite is not purposelessly¬† hiding in the shadows, for it begs of you to search for the truth, the¬† essence and core of your own¬† reality,! How many times do we take things at face value without really aspiring to dive headlong into the unknown?¬† The picture on the canvass, the words of a poem, the screen play or film can therefore only be transformed ¬† to greater heights of passion, integrity and meaning…. true expressions of your own innate divinity that¬† begs to be displayed and witnessed by the many!¬†

    Crikey…where did¬† that come from!¬†¬† God Bless all….catch up soon bud. Dave

      1. Hi ya Geoff….flattery will get you everywhere!¬† Don’t forget my friend…..your the one who causes everyone else to light the touchpaper!¬†¬† Great to link in with you all¬† again…. Ps¬† No probs …we could add it any time there’s a slot free?¬†¬† Take care bud… or should i say Geoff the ‘inspiration’ Talbolt! ?¬† He he ¬† Cheers Dave :))

          1. Ha ha…sorry Geoff…maybe Mr Talbolt is your alter ego and is the true creative inspiration he he he…u cracked me up…take care buddy!

  12. Interesting idea.¬† I’m a potter so my first thought is the opposite of functional pottery is sculptural pots but I can also use this idea in decorating my pieces.

  13. This is fantastic. ¬†It’s actually a method my Dad raised me in . . . to always look at the contrary side of the evidence. ¬†This helped me make great strides in the sciences (natural and social) as well as in my career. To take it now into the realm of writing is brilliant. ¬†It’s funny, eh? ¬†Your suggestion I’ve always equated with the scientific process, and never with the non-scientific. ¬†I’ve created with it, but never thought of using it to release creativity! ¬†Thank you!

      1. It’s too bad, really. ¬†Because the supposed “logical” portions are highly creative, just of a different sort. ¬†Likewise, the supposed “creative” portions are highly logical, but different than what we’ve determined logic to be. ¬†I don’t think it’s bad that we label things and parts of things . . . until those labels and categories become more important than what we’ve labeled and categorized. ¬†I’m startin’ to feel all philosophical now . . . :)

  14. I like this idea….it gets the juices flowing. I had a writing class not too long ago and we had to create an argument and consider what the opposition would say. It helped to generate ideas from both sides. Being creative I think is allowing yourself to be childlike…no limits, no boundaries, no responsibilities….ahhh dreaming!!!

  15. If you ever doubt your creativity, just think about how you dream. Dreams are made of wildly creative stuff.

  16. I really like this concept.¬† I’m also struck by the way your seven sentences elicited 33 comments (so far) and so reading through those takes more time than the original post.¬† Well worth the time because there are some good ideas in there, too! I’ve been blocked and this sort of concept is an easy one to try. Thanks for initiating the discussion.

    1. very cool Andrea… sometimes I will say find Seven ideas, or find seven wrong ideas. partly cause I’m in love with the number seven but also because I don’t want to stop at the first answer/idea

  17. Hello Geoff and friends, I guess there is a difference between fantasy and imagination. ¬†Fantasy is something we create practically from nothing and that is something I am not cut out to do. ¬†What I know I can do is turn fact into fiction,¬†through the imagination,¬†a method I call “Reality Fiction.” ¬†Putting the flesh on the bones, as I describe this process of creating, is used by those who re-enact an event or a character from existing information- hence such historical epics as “The Gladiator” or “Ben Hur” and many, many more have come into being. I would say though, that the use of opposites is more adapt to the creation of fantasy, rather than sticking to the fiction of reality.

  18. Totally agree!! Sometimes some time out – walking, meeting friends, getting out of the usual routine can do wonders!

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