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…don’t be the image…

Don’t be the image, you are the image.

When it comes to shaping a character as an actor you can very easily become influenced by the opinions of others and stop searching for the “truth” deep within you.

Does this happen in every other sphere of life? Almost certainly it does.

Don’t be tossed about by the wind, thrown about by the opinions and views of others, double-minded and divided, forgetting to search for the truth that lies within you.

The truest interpretation of a character is usually given by an actor who takes his whole self and then strips away “everything” that is not the character. Sometimes in life we try to find ourselves by “adding” things, but in reality we find ourselves when we strip everything else away.

Forget the Rules

There are so many tunnels and rivers running forth into your pool of creativity; many ways to access and harness the stories, ideas or songs within you. It’s easy to get stuck on a method or  formula, but the moment it becomes such a “thing” you have started following steps and by association you are losing your creative zing.

Frederick Forsyth said, “write about what you know,” but another great writer Ken Kesey said, “write about what you do not know.” There is so much “apparent” contradiction in the strategies of highly creative people, that collectively it is impossible to create a formula for success. Only this…

Listen to what intrigues you, what fascinates you, what calls out the creative giant within you? And never try and do anything the same way.

…the artistic juggle…

The creative process/life is all about juggling or so it seems to me. Finding that space and time, to create in a purely unadulterated way, is almost impossible in 21st century life. Balancing the demands of money, health, work and relationships with the need to create is a fiercely difficult to task; which is probably why only a few succeed. Or is it simply a matter of right place, right time or some kind of divine providence.

I am really at a loss, of knowing how to do all of it and remaining in balance. How do you do it? Tell us we’d really like to know…

Do you master the alchemy of creativity?

  1. Could it be that the ethereal nature of fleeting, mental images, taken from the holographic fabric of multi-verses become the patterns for what we create in life?
  2. Thoughts that will be forgotten if we don’t harness their power on our minds, or represent them in a medium of choice, in time.
  3. How do you manage to capture  one single thought and allow it to big-bang into a genesis of ever-expanding universes and realities?
  4. Do you practice “dream catching” to keep a constant flow of ideas that your conscious mind transmutes from mental to physical energy, and into your work of art?
  5. Do you surf the waves of a common consciousness or Zeitgeist, reflecting an outer world?
  6. Do you take spoon fulls of the Quantum Minestrone of your inner worlds that enter the creative process to manifest in sounds, words, shapes, or images?
  7. No matter how you use your raw materials, as long as you master the alchemy of creativity and turn your wealth of unceasing originality into an abundance of life-enriching creation.


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I’m going to be a daddy

Just to be completely 21st century I am announcing to the world this very good personal news via my blog…

On December 16th, 2011 we are expecting our first child to be born. It is such great news and my wife and I welcome this new addition to our new family with open arms.

Every new life stage brings with it many challenges but also so much reward.

Life is good and the fact that we are going to get to share our love with another little Talbot is going to be so much fun.

I know that I will learn far more from this little bundle of joy than he/she or them (twins?) could ever possibly learn from me.

Life in its essence is creative and so it is with much joy that my wife Athaliah and I announce this good news to you all.


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Creativity unhinged

Can our creativity become unhinged? Is everything we create good?

It seems to me that the imagination is capable of some pretty dastardly endeavors. All imaginations (people) are capable of these types of imaginings, me included.

How do we filter, shape, keep control of our imaginations in such a way as to not limit them, but to also keep them from becoming unhinged and damaging those around us.

We must all have boundaries, edges of that white blank page that we refuse to cross in our creativity. Who sets those boundaries for you?

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