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Telling your Story

Perhaps there is more value in our own personal stories than we have ever imagined. If we spend so much time trying to tell stories about the things we’ve created, the products we’ve made, the friends we know, or the business we’re starting, is it possible that we miss out on the real gold?

We must continue to tell our stories, over and over again; but we tell them not just with our mouths or our pens, we tell them with our feet and our hands. Your story is not ready to be written as a memoir because you are not yet dead… your story is more of a live action novel being told in the present tense.

Our stories need to stay in the present; we need to be writing new chapters everyday by learning and growing, by succeeding and failing, by falling and getting up. Present day stories live with an immediacy that implies knowing and connection… when people here your stories they get to know you a little.

Create a new story today.

P:S: For more on Telling your Story… Check out this blog I wrote for Michael Hyatt last week HERE

Talking to Strangers

When I was a kid I was told “not” to talk to strangers; that talking to someone I didn’t know was a dangerous and fearful thing; I’m not a kid anymore but the fear still lingers. My fear issue is particularly prevalent in big cities where strangers abound, sometimes if I’m honest I feel myself flinch a little as a stranger approaches.

Woe to me, for the stranger knocks on my door constantly asking for bread, coffee, coin or simple company. Fear breeds isolation and isolation is what makes the world sick.

Do you want to increase your creativity today? Do you want to grab a hold of freedom and expand your world? If the answer is yes, then you and I are probably going to have to break the mold and talk to a stranger today… I dare you.

P:S: Tell the story of a conversation you had with a stranger in the comments section below… Try to keep it to Seven Sentences

Under a Peacocks Wings

Imagine what it’s like to be gathered under a giant peacocks wings; a Peacock is nature’s stained glass window. I believe “the title of this blog” is beautifully strong metaphor for the type of community we are building here at Seven Sentences.

Being gathered like chicks underneath a mothers wings is symbolic of both the space and the posture we wish to create in our artistic community; a place of safety and validity for all who gather, no matter their level of ability or freedom of expression, we are all learning on this  journey together.

Imagine the incredible color  underneath a peacocks wings, such a rich vibrancy of filtered light, such spectacle.  As this community grows and develops, lets continue to hold each other to this collective vision, lets keep the space both sacred and invitational.

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Setting the World on Fire

The Bishop of London began the Royal Wedding sermon with this statement: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire; so said St. Catherine of Siena.”

I’ve been reflecting ever since: Am I being who I was meant to be?

Many of us spend a lifetime trying to figure that out, while others spend just as much energy hiding from it.  What if we simply embraced life’s opportunities?  What difference could we make by using our gifts, whatever they are, to their fullest capacity?  How could we influence our corner of the world toward peace, love, and joy?

If you did, and I did, and he did, and she did…imagine the possibility of setting the world on fire!


The above was a Guest Post from very talented Eleanor Biddulph. Eleanor’s details are below… be sure to check out here work.

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May 21st – And the World Ends

Perhaps you’ve seen the billboards littered all around Los Angeles… tomorrow is May 21st,  it’s Judgment Day , and it’s the beginning of the end. Pity I’ve planned our blogs for all of next week huh?

I do not want to address the absolute stupidity that goes into such fear-mongering predictions, for this is a creative blog so instead I want to spend our remaining four sentences playing a little with the concept of the world ending tomorrow.

  1. What would you differently if you knew you had less than 24 hours to live?
  2. What relationships need to be healed?
  3. What stories need to be written?
  4. Do you have something you need to confess?

P:S:As a creative exercise write your “7 Sentence Farewell” in the comments section below… .


Separation Incomplete

Ever watched a film that appeared “disjointed;” or read a book, listened to a song, or viewed a piece of art that “almost” took your breath away but didn’t quite pull it off? “Almost” and ” not quite” are agonizing words for the creative soul.

The kind of separatism that we find in our creativity work can mirror the separatism and compartmentalization we experience in our own lives. If we are lukewarm or diffident, if we pick and choose our feelings, if our thoughts and ideas are not our own, then we are prone to separatism and the distilling, disjointing affect of other peoples voices.

Our work loses its beautifully simplistic coherency, that strong voice, when the creator of the piece, allows the influences of “other concerns” to invest in the creative process in illegitimate ways.

It’s your work and you are YOU and nobody else! Stay in that place of vulnerability as you create and your work will reflect the undeniable single reflection.

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…stolen faces…

We take a break from our usual Seven Sentence content today to talk about “Stolen Faces”, an art exhibition by internationally acclaimed UK painter Johan Andersson in Venice, California… details here.

What makes a person beautiful?

Has our concept of image and beauty has been stolen away from us, robbed from us in the celebration of celebrity as we slowly turn the pages of Vanity Fair? What has happened to the beauty of a person’s scars, those lines on their faces, those wounds of betrayal; that deep well of human resonance that echoes across all cultures right into the chambers of the human heart?

In recognizing the media’s and indeed our very own human capacity to distort and corrupt reality, Andersson’s paintings stand simultaneously in both defiance and pride, celebrating diversity in the knowledge that we are all uniquely made. Check out Andersson’s website here.

What do you think has the very nature and truth of character been stolen by celebrity?