Telling your Story

Perhaps there is more value in our own personal stories than we have ever imagined. If we spend so much time trying to tell stories about the things we’ve created, the products we’ve made, the friends we know, or the business we’re starting, is it possible that we miss out on the real gold?

We must continue to tell our stories, over and over again; but we tell them not just with our mouths or our pens, we tell them with our feet and our hands. Your story is not ready to be written as a memoir because you are not yet dead… your story is more of a live action novel being told in the present tense.

Our stories need to stay in the present; we need to be writing new chapters everyday by learning and growing, by succeeding and failing, by falling and getting up. Present day stories live with an immediacy that implies knowing and connection… when people here your stories they get to know you a little.

Create a new story today.

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