How To Release Your Creativity From Prison

Thinking too much early in the creative process will kill your project. 

The trouble for me is that I don’t realize that I’m “over thinking” I just slowly fall back into the habit.

If you want to create something truly unique you can’t allow yourself to be rationale in the genesis of your creation; you have to be wild,  you have to set your creativity free. I am discovering that the type of creative questions we ask ourselves are vital to this process.

Any question that pulls on your doubt or skepticism needs to be eliminated, or they will undermine your creativity and leave you paralyzed. Remember “creation” is primarily an act of love, so anything that comes against “your love” needs to be defeated, suppressed or ignored.

Perfect love casts out all fear… so get yourself out of the way, LOVE what you are creating and write without thinking.


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17 thoughts on “How To Release Your Creativity From Prison

  1. I can only speak for myself here – I think love is certainly a part of it. But it’s only a fraction. And thinking too much is often part of the process along with doubt and skepticism. Same goes for fear, it often drives creativity.

    So it’s different for me.

    1. Interesting… I am talking primarily of the genesis of the idea… the first creation… certainly there is a time for using that logical side of your brain… maybe your creative process is more integrated and you can hole both side of your cerebrum in tension…

      Love the comment

  2. Again, I speak for myself. The actual genesis has nothing to do with anything but standing out in the storm. Inspiration strikes and you channel it. In my case, some smarty pants locked the door so I’m stuck outside in the thunder and lightening…prolly standing under the tree too. Haha.

    Ok, after being struck I have choices – do I nurture this or let it go? That’s when the creative process begins.

    1. Have you ever drawn the image you just described above… it’s kind of funny… The tag-line… “Okay I know I asked for inspiration but this is crazy”… The house you can’t get into is probably called “Safety”

  3. Getting fear out of the way can certainly be a challenge, I don’t recommend get yourself out of the way, just the fear.

  4. Creation is how we reflect God. We are made in God’s image, therefore, by Creating as well, we do what we were made to do.

  5. Hi,
    I agree, putting our mind into a project that too in creative stages can kill its (still developing soul).Rational is importent but not when u are creating. Creativity should be free from us. be an instrument and the projects, it somehow florishes. as u said “simply LOVE what you are creating. “…

  6. Hi Geoff, thanks for the invite to comment. My introvert personality tends to be controlled, thoughtful, a “think first, act later” type. Where that hinders creativity is in the ara of risk-taking. True creativity requires risk-abandon, at least in the genesis of an idea. As you say, though, loving – truly loving – what you are doing, puts an individual in position to think less (fear less?) about control and risk, and more about investing in the pure wonder of creating.

    1. Thanks El… great honesty… the crazy thing is… Ideas are free… so in terms of creating them… the only”real” risk is time

  7. The chatter going on in our heads is the work of our Gremlin, trying to talk us out of our happiness. Playing all the old records of past pain to limit us.
    When we learn how to tame the Gremlin, we can begin to flow freely in our thoughts and to recognize when we are not in alignment. Once there the magic happens. We ASK for what we want — describing in detail, We BELIEVE that it will come to us — all our thought have to be focused on a positive result. And lastly We COLLECT, to ready and willing to receive the results. The tricky part here is that many people ask and get in the way of source bringing it to us. Like a cat who is hungry, but keeps getting in your way to prepare the food. It would happen faster if the cat would get out of the way, same with us — set your mind on your project, believe it will come to you and when it does collect it graciously. Following these ABC’s will lessen the doubt and love will easily flow from everything you do.

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