Getting Rid Of Voices In Your Head

I find that I hear other people’s voices way too much when I write, act or create in any way.

The process of simplification, and artistic authenticity is requires that we strip away the opinions of others and really create out of our single-minded unadulterated uniqueness.

The other voices I hear can simply be a film I’ve watched or an actor I enjoy; at its worst it is a voice of a critic; the voice of that fearful soul who sits on the ass in the stadium willing you to fail.

The trouble with most artists, is that we are sensitive and vulnerable, prone to discouragement and an easy target for those who choose to impose.

Be resolute in the search for your voice…

Collaboration is not at war with this principle. Healthy collaboration does not dis-empower the unique voice that you have, it is amplified when you join forces with another singularly unique voice and speak.


Getting Rid Of Voices Be Inspired Daily By Seven Sentences


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2 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Voices In Your Head

  1. I hope that you are successful with that project. At least you can differentiate, not every can and it is not always easy to do. I have been feeling the anxiety you mentioned recently too, and hoping that has passed for you.

    1. Thanks Paula… for sure I am grateful for all your encouragement and support…. You get over this anxious phase… Geoff

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