No ordinary bullshit…

When there is a lot of shouting it’s difficult to hear anything, if you’ve got a big voice maybe you’ll get heard but it’s almost impossible to get the sincerity of your message across. On the social networks (Twitter & Face-book) everyone is shouting about the product they each have to sell, and it can seem like no one is listening.

As in life, so it is in the crazy virtual playground in cyberspace, you need to find friends who are interested in genuine relationships.

It’s the quality of the friend, not the numbers of friends that really counts. You can know a billion people and still be lonely, or you could have just one or two close friends and feel like the richest dude in the world. It’s all about friendship, it doesn’t have to be deep but it’s got to be real.

Of-course you can keep on shouting but everyone’s talking ordinary old bullshit and that’s all you are ever likely to buy…

P:S: Find out how to build a genuine Twitter list by clicking on the Bullshit Revolution.

4 thoughts on “No ordinary bullshit…

  1. Is there such a thing as a genuine friendship on such one dimensional media as Facebook and Twitter?

    In my mind, the quality friendships come from relating face-to-face over time. There has to be human connection in eye contact, hugs, smiles, verbal communication. Maybe that’s just me?

  2. I think it’s possible to be more genuine Lynne, than often we are? Is better than face to face friendship? Is it a substitute for real intimacy? Sometimes it is I am sure… but it shouldn’t be. That’s what I think… Great comment.

    1. For sure, Geoff, we can always be more genuine–where there is no fear.

      I agree, it should not be a substitute for real intimacy–but as you say, sometimes it is.

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