The Unholy Sabbath

Today is Sunday in America, and millions of people like myself will be going off to church; our reasons for going will no doubt differ. Sunday was formerly a day of rest, the shops were closed, people went to church, then came home to a rather large incestuous family dinner. I can’t help but think that the Sabbath is no longer holy… and perhaps it never was.

I prefer the concept of an unholy sabbath… a day for the unclean, the addicts, the drunks, the thieves, the liars, the fraudsters, the greedy, the selfish, the perverts, in fact for anyone who suffers under the weight of their own humanity… to simply come and find rest for their souls. To receive life-giving grace and hope, to come to that place of utter surrender, to understand that even though we may not be okay… it’s okay, that we can each start out all over again.

The Sabbath is for the unholy, not the holy… for they’ve already claimed to the first six days of the week. Come all who are weary and you will find rest for your souls.

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Lay down your burden

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