Be Unexplainable

The unknown is what makes something interesting.

Where does the wind come from? The question is far more interesting than the answer; because the actual answer rids you of any number of creative and mystical possibilities.

The wind blows where-ever it chooses, and thus it can be so with a creative an intuitive soul like you. Don’t give in to the pressure to fit into a box, to be predictable, to become routine and undeniably sane.

To listen to the Lord of the Moment is to pay attention to the still small voice that beckons you at each unpredictable hour; to obey you must loose yourself from the expectations of others.

For the wind wishes to blow you where-ever it chooses and you and I are simple hunks of clay being molded and shaped by some very good hands.


Copyright 2011 – Seven Sentences – Be Unexplainable

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