The Problem with Personality Tests

When Corporations took over the world in the last century something strange happened… the death of the Renaissance Man. When the Renaissance man died the “Specialists” became kings; Corporations are essentially a large gathering of “Specialists” each of whom are given to their own task or area of interest.

The Renaissance man, the person who was subject to no one, the person with a broad skill set, the person who was both creative and logical, spiritual yet realistic, artistic and yet scientific just didn’t fit inside the structure of a corporation. There was no cubicle inside a corporation for our Renaissance man to fit; no box on the Myers-Briggs personality chart for him to tick… so they put him in a different kind of box, he was obsolete, they buried him in that box… and in that box he died.

Think Issac Newton, Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin… the very fabric of exploration wound through their DNA.

But corporations are dying now, because they haven’t just squashed creativity, they did something much worse… they have tried to manufacture it. Expression, real thoughts, deep questions that burn inside our anarchic souls cannot be restrained inside a cubicle anymore… instead they are buzzing, pulsing, burning all round us as the INTERNET gives birth once again to the Renaissance Man.

2 thoughts on “The Problem with Personality Tests

  1. You might be right. I have family and roommates who have fashioned themselves renaissance men, and to the extent that they do so, it seems to be accompanied by a withdrawal from the mainstream. But specialization has its own beauty.

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