I’m getting married…

Athaliah & Me

She is the woman of my dreams, she is the woman far beyond my dreams, for she has stepped so gracefully into the reality of my life. Her name is Athaliah Renee Watkins and we are getting married in five weeks.

She is the bravest, kindest, sweetest woman I have ever met. She loves me even though I have nothing, she loves me even though I do not have the money to put a ring on her finger. She rocks my world, and she is the rock in my world. She is more valuable than any film I will ever make, more precious than any treasure I will ever own. Athaliah is my best friend, I want no one else.

This blog is meant to be only seven sentences in length… but my love for Athaliah cannot be contained, pressed and concentrated in this way. Athaliah loves children, children who are hurting, who have been beaten up by life. She is filled with compassion for the broken, the sick, the poor, the marginalized and… me.

We are pressing forward into marriage, even though we have nothing, because we know that God has put us together. But to be together we really need the help of others… We have been forced to depend on our friends, on our community in LA and on Christ, like never before in our lives. And this is a humbling thing, but it is a good thing… for we are learning that life was NEVER meant to be lived in isolation.

So to be straight with you, to be transparent, open and honest… I need a marriage visa. Without one, I cannot stay in the USA, I cannot work and provide for my lovely wife and others who need help.

So I am simply asking people to help us pay for my marriage visa. The sooner we get it, the sooner I can work. There is no obligation to help… if you feel like it’s something you want to do then click on the picture below and contribute…

Click HERE

3 thoughts on “I’m getting married…

  1. “She rocks my world, and she is the rock in my world.” One of the greatest things I’ve ever heard spoken about a loved one. Congratulations to you, Geoff. My wish for your marriage is that your lives be as beautiful as they were in the mind of God, when He first thought of you.

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