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Get down into the shit…

I’ve heard it said that the key to success is to live your life as though it were a great story. But what if you write a story where “YOU” the author are the main character, and “YOU” the author overcome incredible odds, and “YOU” the author achieve riches, significance and fame?

This book will probably be a best seller, this book will probably inspire millions of others, helping us to believe that we too can achieve anything we want in life. Unfortunately this book will sow dark seeds of death into the lives of anyone who ever reads it. Please do not write this book, please do not live this kind of life, please do not tell this kind of story.

Instead live your lives as though you are PART of a great story; sell everything you have, lose your lofty reputation and get down into the shit and the gutters; with the broken, the marginalized and downtrodden and lend them your feeble hand. A different kind of story is being written, and you and I are not the authors.

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Falling Inside The Spiral of Pride…

If you fall down inside the spiral of pride, there is no light or way to see outside yourself.
Outside your lonely palace with crystal walls and marble floors, there is no “more” outside your walls.
So dig down deep, improve yourself, rise above the rest, you pure, perfect dove.
But where is love… inside yourself? It is not found, though you sow “your” seeds on barren ground.
Pride builds an empire upon itself, safe in the unshared confines, it chokes down upon its own wicked breath… regret.
No sir. You must choose, whom do you serve, is it me or is it you?
Look to what lasts forever, look outside your crystal walls, look away, to the treasure found in jars of clay.


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The hard slog

The hard slog is actually the good slog. It is nearly always the tough periods in life, that hone us and shape us; we are defined and provoked by the negative and not the positive. So “how” will we choose to walk through our valley’s in the shadows of death; when we stumble and error (as we surely will), will we fall forwards into shame or lean backwards into grace?

Mark Twain once said… “Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.”

That is why I consider it such a joy (although an incredibly painful one) to have walked these “apparently” unsuccessful steps in my filmmaking journey thus far. These faltering steps have left me worn out and broke: but they have also caused me to fall back onto a rock of faith and hope. Although I am poor in person, I have never felt so rich in my entire life.

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Seven Sentence Revamp

So I have spent the last week, really changing the design, and restructuring the content for our Seven Sentence Website. If you receive this blog via email, then please jump on the site and tell me what you think… Seven Sentences

Stories always need to be refined and revamped, so the content on the site is vastly different from before. See my story told through photo’s, videos and words… click on Story Biography

Also there are some really great new developments coming to the site in the very near future. Check out these at Seven Sentence Developments

I apologize for all the links today, we’re just trying to make the Seven Sentence Experience all the more enjoyable, tomorrow we’ll all be back to normal.

Thanks Again

Freedom from… not freedom to…

My currently Bohemian and somewhat nomadic lifestyle, causes me to pause and think a lot about freedom. It’s easy to believe that to be “free” is to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want too; and it’s true, that is a type of freedom. It’s such a pity that sometimes we consider freedom to be an external pursuit and not an internal one?

Why is it then that a homeless bum with no more than fifty cents in his pocket, feels “free enough” to sing a creaky tune in public, and yet a singer like Britney Spears with all the money in the world is so bound up by the opinions of others that she would rather lip sync a song she’s sung ten thousand times than take the risk of missing a note? One of these people has everything, the other has nothing.

Freedom of course should not be confused with carefree abandonment, although abandonment from self is the only way you can truly be free. A wise man once said you can’t serve two masters; one of them being yourself, the other is being someone much bigger and more benevolent than you and I.

P:S: Check out this photographic essay of Rich (our homeless bum) from our film “Lucky & Rich.” The music is an original piece from Josiah Ruis, and is a rough recording…

The Measure Of Success

I met a man on a walk, he said he was off to measure his success.
I asked him what he would measure, and he said it wasn’t status, wealth or health… that it was a different kind of treasure.
There was a spring in his step, and a light in his eye.
And when he smiled, he lit up the world and I couldn’t help but ask him… why?
“You can’t grab what I’ve got, you can’t hold it in your hands; look at me son, there is something you’ve got to understand.
There ain’t no treasure on this earth, nothing of worth that you can ever hold or gain…nothing…
Can enter into this place, this vacant space inside of you; there is a different kind of treasure and only that will do.”


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For yourself or for your audience?

Should an artist create primarily for themselves or for their own audience? This is an important question for song writers, screenwriters and authors. Perhaps this question translates across into other endeavors including businesses and churches etc.

It can appear selfish to create primarily for yourself and it can seem like a giant leap to assume that you know exactly what the audience (your market) needs or wants. Maybe it is the posture of the “creatives heart” that defines the significance of the work?

The artist must delve into their own life, honestly exploring his/her impulses and attitudes, but at the same time their desire must be to communicate “themselves” to their audience, whom they would do well to consider as their “friends” rather than their market.

The days of mass marketing assumptions in creativity are swiftly coming to an end… but that is just my opinion.

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