So do you want to know the future…

Transmedia Storytelling is coming, and it is rushing towards us like a tidal wave.

Transmedia is the telling of a story across a variety of genres and platforms. This used to be a more difficult, because although several different platforms have existed for some time (Television drama, Documentary, Feature Film and Internet Video) accessibility, interactivity and sharing took too much effort. But the territory has shifted significantly in the past 3-4 years.

Bandwidth improvements, computer prices, and most importantly the huge growth of the social networks have connected filmmakers to their audiences and the audience members to each other, in a fashion that we have never experienced or seen before.

It’s a brave new world where an innate understanding of people and story will soon become Paramount (literally); the temptation for many will be to make it all about technology but nothing could be further from the truth… it will be all about people and relationships.

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