Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

I failed to impress…

It is important in a town like Hollywood to fail to impress. It’s important because succeeding to impress, could possibly leave your body short of its soul. That’s the major problem with networking and ass kissing, you forget who you are because you are to busy trying to impress somebody else.

Who are you? And who “REALLY” knows you (the most intimately wonderful and terrifying secrets that lie in your innermost). These questions are far more pertinent than the impatient and imprudent expectations that imply … to be someone you must know somebody.

When everyone is talking dribble and smiling falsely over a cocktail, the only way to truly impress is to fail miserably and simply be yourself. Being authentic and truthful is the simplest and yet most difficult thing to do… especially without the Grace to fail and accidently reveal yourself.

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