Getting shit under your manicured fingernails…

Some of you maybe upset with the cuss word in the title of my last two blogs. Some of you maybe so upset that you unsubscribe from this blog.

But what you should know is that every sixty seconds two children in the world are sold into sexual slavery… It is a beautiful world, and a wonderful life full of opportunities. This is definitely true for you, if you are able to read this blog; and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it at all; in fact it should fill your heart with gratitude and awe!

But it is not such a beautiful world, and the opportunities are very few, if you are seven years old and been sold five times a night on the streets of India, and neither is it such a beautiful world, if you are a Russian teenager being farmed out to the rich and famous from brothel shops in West LA.

If things are to change, someone, maybe you or me, may have to get a little shit under our manicured fingernails.

Check out this video from Love 146 & Tweet it.

4 thoughts on “Getting shit under your manicured fingernails…

  1. I heard Tony Campolo speaking once to a group of young pastors. He said, “This year alone, 17 million people are going to die of starvation in Africa. And you don’t even give a shit! What’s worse? You’re more upset by me saying, ‘shit,’ than you are that 17 million people are going to starve!!

    Cuss on, bro! 😎

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