Daily Archives: October 24, 2010

Get down into the shit…

I’ve heard it said that the key to success is to live your life as though it were a great story. But what if you write a story where “YOU” the author are the main character, and “YOU” the author overcome incredible odds, and “YOU” the author achieve riches, significance and fame?

This book will probably be a best seller, this book will probably inspire millions of others, helping us to believe that we too can achieve anything we want in life. Unfortunately this book will sow dark seeds of death into the lives of anyone who ever reads it. Please do not write this book, please do not live this kind of life, please do not tell this kind of story.

Instead live your lives as though you are PART of a great story; sell everything you have, lose your lofty reputation and get down into the shit and the gutters; with the broken, the marginalized and downtrodden and lend them your feeble hand. A different kind of story is being written, and you and I are not the authors.

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