Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

For yourself or for your audience?

Should an artist create primarily for themselves or for their own audience? This is an important question for song writers, screenwriters and authors. Perhaps this question translates across into other endeavors including businesses and churches etc.

It can appear selfish to create primarily for yourself and it can seem like a giant leap to assume that you know exactly what the audience (your market) needs or wants. Maybe it is the posture of the “creatives heart” that defines the significance of the work?

The artist must delve into their own life, honestly exploring his/her impulses and attitudes, but at the same time their desire must be to communicate “themselves” to their audience, whom they would do well to consider as their “friends” rather than their market.

The days of mass marketing assumptions in creativity are swiftly coming to an end… but that is just my opinion.

Further discussion is at www.marketyourart.wordpress.com