Daily Archives: October 10, 2010

Reality has more color

Life is not a fairy tale and although fantasy and folklore often highlight our desire for a life with more passion, our reality seldom meets the expectations of our dreams. Sometimes this reality leaves us beat up and dejected or worse still no longer believing in the impossible life.

But the truth is “real life” although rough and unpredictable is painted in unimaginable color. Real stories are far more powerful than imagined tales; because they are real they are attainable.

If you are an artist who wants to create a masterpiece then look to “reality” for your inspiration because there you will find real connection with your audience (real people). Reality is rich in texture and truth and when you search for it… you will find it; and when you find it… you will discover a wellspring that never runs dry.

The imagination is not an escape from reality but an exploration into it.