Daily Archives: October 6, 2010

Don’t be afraid but don’t be greedy either…

Financial analysts constantly state that Fear & Greed are the two primary emotions that drive the stock market. But Fear & Greed come out and play in other areas of our lives in particularly nasty ways. Fear and Greed are twin siblings, symbiotically working together, wiggling their way into our decision-making process and all our relationships. They generally chase us or coax us to two primary ends… obsessive motion or constant paralysis.

We never chase that dream or cross the floor to ask the girl to dance because we’re afraid of the risk that we must take. We’re tempted to play every role in a film production (we don’t want to share our dream) or we refuse to settle down with the love of our lives because we’re never satisfied and constantly snatching for more and more. In every decision you have to make ask yourself honestly… am I submitting fear or I am bowing down to greed?