Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

Customer of the week

The highlight of my day today was being “Customer of the Week” at my local coffee shop at which I regularly attend. I felt so proud of this achievement, especially since I ruffled more than a few feathers by insisting that my homeless friend Ryan be allowed a drink in this establishment late last year. I was to get free drinks for the whole week…

Until I was informed that the New Manager had now canceled the customer of the week policy and it would not be re-instated until October. Bugger.

Talking about taking a gift from right under my nose, I was customer of the week for less five minutes, some sort of record I am sure.

Speaking of my buddy Ryan, I saw him again today for the first time in months, looking a little worse for wear. It’s a perpetual recession if you are living on the streets in LA.

Par for the course…

Normal day in LA, cleaned the house, not a metaphor. Sat in the coffee shop and worked this afternoon. Working on this business plan for Lucky & Rich, it’s a monster of a thing, should be done by weeks end. Received a couple of very encouraging messages from friends. When this film gets made it will be as big a credit to them as to me; without them (you) I would have given up a long time ago. My eyes have gone funny too much color grading of photographs. It’s time I went to bed, sorry for the boring blog, sleep or live well where-ever you are.