Daily Archives: July 1, 2010

7 Quotes From Sir Peter Jackson on Creativity

I have taken the liberty of publishing a few quotes from Sir Peter Jackson in his review of the New Zealand Film Commission…

Screenplays are structure, the greatest ‘idea’ in the world is not enough to produce a satisfying film.

The magic ‘X-factor’ that should go into every script is passion, the quality of a feature film is so much better if it has been generated from a place of passion.

Removing the need to make profit will lead to more creatively interesting projects – which ironically, may well lead to greater financial returns.

A writer who authors a screenplay is the owner of an asset – and if the screenplay is very good, it can be a substantial asset; scripts are often sold to studios and producers for seven-figure sums – such is the value of a great screenplay in this industry.

The system of insisting on producer attachment hinges on the assumption that all producers have great script development skills and that is simply not true of everyone who calls themselves a producer.

Although there are very many capable people who contribute to the making of a film, there are very few who can drive a film into production, and then when it’s in production, make it work.