Daily Archives: June 28, 2010

Friends & Family

It’s hard to go wrong in this life when you are surrounded and supported by friends and family who will walk with you no matter what. One of the difficulties that has occurred with the urbanization of our culture is the loss of this “community” support. People feel isolated and they carry on their shoulders an overbearing sense of responsibility, the outcome of their life has become solely their responsibility. There is a tendency not to trust anyone, such an attitude breeds fear and raises the stakes to such an extent that a person can become too frightened to take a risk.

Perfect love casts all fear and there is a huge amount of security to be found in knowing that even if you fail you will still be loved and taken care off. This is the sort of community that I have found in Los Angeles, a group of people who SHARE life, faith and resources together as they go about their daily lives. It is a beautiful thing and one of the major reasons that I am able to keep going on this journey.