Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

Your story reads my life…

The creative process demands integrity if it is to resonate with its audience; what on earth do I mean by this?

In my opinion for too long now, a large portion of cinema has relied on Gimmicks, Explosions, CGI and Special Effects to impress their audience. These are very holy, creative things in themselves when they are used in the right way, when they lay themselves down in service to the story. Sometimes we get it wrong and the effects etc become greater than the story themselves; in fact the story is created to service the gimmicks. I believe this occurs when we allow our films to be solely market and business driven. The result is that although our audience is momentarily impressed they are ultimately disappointed

A long time ago, before gimmickry  was possible, cinema was forced to rely on a form of storytelling that simply connected and resonated with the stories in the audience.

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