Daily Archives: May 23, 2010

Date Rape at Airports

Our parents tell us to be aware of strangers, especially old men with gray hair and crooked teeth. This was in fact the identity of the stranger who approached me at Nice Airport yesterday. He stretched out his hand and offered me an orange tablet for my headache… such generosity and friendliness towards strangers is not common place today especially at airports.

The circumstances were dubious, fear dressed under the guise of wisdom tells us not to accept such an offering from a stranger. The damage of “such wisdom” is that it binds us to fear and it isolates us in a world where anyone we don’t know should be treated with suspicion. In this world kindness towards strangers evaporates for fear of being misunderstood… this is the tragedy of our world.

But the truth was in his eyes, uncertain, apprehensive, brave kindness daring to reach out, to move against the grain in our suspicious world.