Daily Archives: May 19, 2010

Why I hate flying with Easy Jet?

At the moment everyone in the airline industry is struggling to make a buck; fear has taken over the way they do business and so have the accountants. Some Airlines in Europe charge you a significant fee for checking in hold baggage. You have to pay for your food and there are rumors that soon their maybe a charge on using the lavatory on Ryan Air.

When times are tough we need to be more creative but the natural tendency is to shrivel (fear) rather than grow (create). I have seven ideas for an innovative airline (they maybe crazy).

  • No advertisements whatsoever, not in the magazines, not on the TV sets, no duty free sales… I’ve already bought the ticket stop trying to sell me.
  • Become a niche airline that treats everyone like they are in first-class.
  • More entry and exit points on and off the aircraft… minimizing the time spent waiting could really give your airline an advantage.
  • Design a system that allows the chairs to move, so groups can sit in different pre-arranged configurations.
  • On the smaller planes have the aisles down the sides and the luggage in the center… especially if the chairs can move.
  • Allow people to board as soon as they turn up at the gate.
  • Provide a security check service that validates repeat customers so they don’t have to go through security every time.

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