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Got to trust someone

If you want to do anything, if you want to love anyone, if you want to truly live then you are going have to trust someone. Trouble is people can be pretty damn untrustworthy right? Let’s be honest I don’t even do half the things I say I’ll do.

Our Western World is built on foundations of mistrust, the rules, the laws, the burglar alarms, the locks, the security cameras, the social conventions SCREAM at us… people cannot be trusted. But if life is to be lived people must be trusted, trust takes time and is built through open and honest relationships.

In Hollywood, many people fear these kinds of relationships, because honest relationships highlight our imperfections and the illusion of our own perfection feels so much safer. Take a risk today, build into an honest relationships and learn to trust someone.

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Lucky & Rich

I am hopeful that I will be announcing some big news in regards to “Lucky & Rich” an Indie feature film we have in development very soon. Here are some comments that we have received on the screenplay…

“I came to love Lucky, Rich and Scrap. I wept at the end of the story. Here is a film which must be made so we must pray for backers who would commit for its sake, not the box-office return and who would not be offended by its rough content, language and texture.”

‘L&R’ has all the hallmarks of the next ‘Before Sunrise’ or ‘Nick and Norah.’ It’s a great piece that could peel like an onion in the long tail.”

“I really enjoyed reading Lucky and Rich and found it a touching script. I was thoroughly engaged as the story unfolded, laughing out loud at times. I would be happy to pass on the script to some of our investors for their consideration.“

“This is a beautifully crafted script. It was a pleasure to read something of such truly touching compassion and honesty (a rare thing).”

Photos often lie

Photographs capture momentary truth because they only capture a single moment. As people we often tend to frame our memories, our futures, our friends, our enemies and even our faiths as a single snapshot of truth. That one thing (i.e. an insult from a person) is allowed to become our “truth picture” defining and oversimplifying that way we view that person or the experience as a whole.

Truth should be of vital importance to the artist but not momentary photographic truth but truth as a whole, truth as an experience, truth as a person. If this is your pursuit you will begin to create and capture art that is in fact a series of contradictory photographs. A metaphoric photographic essay that captures the contradictory truths inside every human being that when viewed as a whole series of experiences (loves & hates) shows you and me as we are truthfully are…

Yearning for truth, desiring but never quite finding single-mindedness, always looking for something more.

I got screwed by the parking warden

Once again I find myself caught in the “crop circle” of anxiety. Over the past 12 months my financial status has ebbed and flowed like a yo yo. It’s a daunting thing being overseas and watching the bank balance slowly fade away to zero.

There are really only two ways of looking it, with anxiety or with faith. The sixty dollar parking fine I received this morning really threw me into an anxiety riddled tail spin ( I uttered a nasty phrase that mentioned my mother but I was really referring to the parking warden). But really even this “ridiculous fine” was simply another opportunity to pull on the “faith” tee-shirt.

Within an hour 2/3’s of my fine had been paid, a friend paid for breakfast and another friend gave me $20 bucks when I helped him avoid his own parking ticket. All this reminds me that no matter what happens I am on the right path, doing the right thing, right now.

Arrmani tee-shirts from Bangkok

Not a spelling mistake, last time I was in Bangkok I picked up some very cool Arrmani tee-shirts for less than a buck fifty. They looked liked genuine Armani (apart from the spelling mistake) and I felt like a king walking down the streets of Thailand… or did I?

Problem was every other white man and his dog was wearing fake Armani on the streets of Bangkok and we all knew the true value of the tee-shirt. Wait until you get to London I thought to myself, no one will no the truth behind the imitation. For three days (3 cold laundry washes) in London I felt like a king… or did I?

Even though I looked the part, the man who wore the tee-shirt could never escape the truth, the tee-shirt wasn’t genuine Armani and it had only cost him a buck fifty. The moral behind this being, anything worth having or doing in life will have a significant price on its tag.

The future of films maybe…

Everyone thinks that 3D is the great new thing in cinema. I went and saw “Clash of the Titans” on Saturday and it cost me $18.50 (US) and worst of all I didn’t even get to keep the glasses. The effects were okay but the performances and the storytelling itself were in my opinion average. But this is the future of Filmmaking right?

Maybe there is another future and it involves the Digital Revolution and the Internet… I think the next big thing in film making is in reality the next small thing in filmmaking. High quality dramatic films can now be produced at a significantly reduced cost for much smaller niche markets.

I have an itch I want to scratch

I have an itch I want to scratch is a metaphor for saying I have good news that I would like to share but I can’t yet tell. All in good time but I feel and hope that good news is coming to this blog very soon.

One of the things you learn in H’wood is that the cat is not in the bag until the draw string is pulled tight. At the moment there is a cat sniffing around the bag, it has rubbed itself up against my leg a couple of times already and I think that very soon this kitty will be mine.

Another thing I have realized over the past 12 months is the importance of relationship in the film business. It’s important from the get go that everyone on board wants to make the same  film. When creative synergies line up the results can be amazing.