Daily Archives: April 7, 2010

Arrmani tee-shirts from Bangkok

Not a spelling mistake, last time I was in Bangkok I picked up some very cool Arrmani tee-shirts for less than a buck fifty. They looked liked genuine Armani (apart from the spelling mistake) and I felt like a king walking down the streets of Thailand… or did I?

Problem was every other white man and his dog was wearing fake Armani on the streets of Bangkok and we all knew the true value of the tee-shirt. Wait until you get to London I thought to myself, no one will no the truth behind the imitation. For three days (3 cold laundry washes) in London I felt like a king… or did I?

Even though I looked the part, the man who wore the tee-shirt could never escape the truth, the tee-shirt wasn’t genuine Armani and it had only cost him a buck fifty. The moral behind this being, anything worth having or doing in life will have a significant price on its tag.