Daily Archives: February 13, 2010

Treasures in jars of clay

Life is messy. It is impossible to open your eyes for more than two seconds without acknowledging the pain and brokenness in the world around us. The homeless guy without a place to sleep, the businessman clearly having an affair, the girl sitting at the table next to me lamenting to a friend about how she screwed her life up again last Saturday night… Each of these things I witnessed from my seat at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills this week.

We cannot deny the chaos around us (it’s great for writing) but we must make sure that it doesn’t dampen our spirit and blind us to an even greater truth… “we carry great treasures in these broken old jars of clay.”

It is the treasure that allows us to transcend the chaos, to reach out to the homeless, to forgive the unfaithful and to help up our friend who has fallen again, events I also witnessed at the coffee shop this week.

You have this treasure inside your jar of clay.